BAYNA - La Posada de Babel
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Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea’s project came to be when La Posada de Babel offered to partner with him to create an art intervention on the grounds of the hotel. In order to launch the proposal, which came to be known as the Bayna Project, a funding channel was proposed to a group of patrons, many of whom participated both economically and in the physical construction of the sculpture. Construction began at the end of October 2018, and was completed in mid-December, with more than 50 people taking part in the project.

Our idea is to now be open to proposals from artists who are investigating the relationship between art and surroundings.



A wood frame structure elevated on a prefabricated concrete block, coated in an exterior surface comprised of bastard mortar (mixture of cement, lime and sand), cement, hydraulic lime, silica sand and black iron oxide. Alternatural connects the sculptural, architectural and surrounding landscape.

“Compressing the space in which it is based and generating a vacuum that isn’t, and that must be filled with meaning through one’s own experience makes it possible to renounce a pacified image of that which is natural in favor of a more complex conception that we must renegotiate.”


Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea


Elisa Celda

Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea

Agustín Pilarte